History of the Bull Terrier Club NSW

Early in 1947, a group of Bull Terrier enthusiast met to form The Bull Terrier Club. The first meeting was held in Crystal Street Petersham at the home of Mr. Smith.

Foundation President was that wonderful character of the dog game Scotty McLaughlan, an all breeds judge since the 1920s. Scotty, a Petersham resident, remained as President for the next 10 years. His help to new breeders / exhibitors over the following 25 years boosted the breed in many ways. He was made a Life Member of the Club and last judged a Club Show in 1968 (our 21st Anniversary Year) held at Roselands Shopping Centre, his best in show winner was that great red and white dog Ch Fettonbrae Fighter (ROM).

Scotty judged more club shows than any other judge and passed away in the early 70s.

Our foundation Treasurer was yet again, another wonderful character of the dog game, Jack Fitzpatrick, from Dulwich Hill. Jack used to drive a flat top truck to the shows full of wooden crates, half of which contained smooth Fox Terriers and the rest with Bull Terriers, most of whom were handled by his mate, Scotty. Jack became a Terrier Group judge and also judged club shows. Foundation Secretary was Wally Webster of the Earlwood Kennels. Wally judged clubs shows and also the Queensland club show. He, with partner Jack Peek, imported the first Miniatures to Australia in the early 60s. A very well known dog bred by Wally was Terry Sylvaneys Grand Champion, Earlwood Erbert. Whelped in January 1949, this dog went on to win the Challenge under Hildebrand H. Wilson, a famous Terrier man brought to Australia from the U.K. He judged the Hildebrand H. Wilson All Terrier Show at Henson Park, Newtown on 19th October 1952. To become a Grand Champion in those days you had to defeat 10 champions as a champion.


The Bull Terrier has always been a great favorite with the media and when Its a Dogs Life was first released in Sydney a theatre party was held with owners and dogs all attending to see Wildfire go through his paces. Also in the late 60s when The Incredible Journey was about to be released a special preview was put on for the Bull Terrier Club.


Unfortunately, none of our foundation members are still with us. Though the club has now gone on to become the second biggest single breed club in NSW today.

In 1972 for our 25th Anniversary year the club brought to Sydney the legendary Tom Hogarth, author of many books on the breed including the original Bull Terrier bible, Hogarths Bull Terriers.

He received a record entry of over 100, the first time this figure had ever been reached in this country. His Best In Show winner was a re / white dog, Ch Fettonbrae Farnworth, whilst runner up was the brindle/white Ch Bryvan Better Boy (ROM) who was owned by a present Life Member and ex secretary of the Club, Mrs. Jesse Barrett.

Probably the real turning point for the breed in this country came in 1970, when Uncle Bens Inc. brought out the then President of the U.K. club, Miss Lavinia Graham-Weall M.B.E. This was the first top U.K. breeder to judge in this country and she duly attracted a record entry from all over Australia. Her Best of Breed winner was a black brindle and white Ch Bryvan The Gladiator, with the white import Ch Agates Angelo reserve. Bitch awards went to Ch Gilavon Great Glee and Gilavon Governess reserve, both whites.

The next venture to really bring Bully exhibitors from out of the woodwork came when the British Terrier Club of NSW brought out Tom Horner to judge their show at Castle Hill in 1973, and received yet another record entry with Best of Breed going to the white dog Dabews Thundercloud, and so it was evident that overseas specialist judges would draw record entries. Starting from Easter 1975 to this day, the NSW club has made it a policy of having an overseas specialist judging every Easter Sunday. They have come from USA as well as the UK.

Back in 1973 the club led the way in providing one of the first breed seminars held in conjunction with an invitee competition between the best Bull terriers in the country plus two New Zealand exhibits. This was called the Dog of the Year it was judged by three well known judges in Mr. Bill Fitzgerald, MBE (Ringside Bull Terriers) an all breeds judge and past President of the club, Fred Luland (Northside Bull Terriers), also an all breeds judge and past President of the club. The third judge was Bill Polley, recognized as one of the best Terrier Group judges Australia.

Their final winner from 14 contestants was a white dog Thomoes Turfcutter. Following is an article which appeared in the RASKC Journal September 1973.


This information has been taken from The First Australian Bull Terrier Book, written by Mr. Bryan Sylvaney (Bryvan Bull Terriers).

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